"Education is the most powerful weapon" - Boys at their dormitory at Daadab Secondary school.
"Health is the greatest wealth" - Maleyley dispensary with patients awaiting medical services
"The Environment and the economy are really two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment, we cannot sustain ourselves" - The Dadaab host community tree nursery.
"You don't get harmony when everybody is singing the same note" - Promoting social growth through trade

ribbon-icon-sqBringing Relief

RRDO was formed to effectively respond to localized humanitarian cries from the refugee hosting communities, to mitigate the resource conflict between the host community and the refugees around Dadaab Refugee Complex and to contribute towards the millennium development goals in Northern Kenya. We work in partnership with the community, government and....Learn More

globe-icon-sqMaking a Change

RRDO responds by supporting alternative livelihoods, respecting employment dignity and creating engines for economic diversification and prosperity. Our “livelihood partnerships” with local communities concentrate on natural resource management, diversification of livelihood options that underpin our other programming to enhance livelihood security now and in the future. Learn More

info-icon-sqSupport hope

Most of our projects and operations are made possible by the endless and unconditional support from our sponsors and partners whom we are forever grateful. We are always looking to add to our partnership list and believe that no contribution is too small. Find out how you can be a part of the our projects that bring more hope and sustainability. Learn More

"Vulnerable communities are dignified human beings with rights. Our environment, my responsibility"

RRDO Projects

We have over the years undertaken many projects to enhance the livelihoods of our target communities and bring hope to many families. Here are some of our latest projects

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No Contribution can be too small. Find Out What You Can Do.

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